by Jen Koganthinkcatlion

Back then, I didn’t know how to find what I needed. With two kids (finally!) in school and a growing private practice I had both feet on the ground but I still felt afloat. I met with a ‘senior therapist’ who advised me to join her group practice. This was because, she said, I had been out of the workforce/home with my kids for far too long.  She painted a gloomy picture rife with roadblocks.

Leaving her office suite, I knew there had to be another way. I wanted to find my people – those of us who wore many hats and were okay with that. So, I started a Yahoo group with 12 members and we were off and running. A community of DC-area therapists who were also moms found a way to connect online and in person. Getting to know others who were facing similar or different struggles made me feel less alone in mine.

As you know, this circle of people who share(d) my experience has grown exponentially. Our name has changed to reflect our diverse membership and we are known for our quick and effective referrals. However, the heart of DCTC is the support and acceptance I hope you all feel no matter what your story: Starting out in/maintaining a private practice, making the transition from agency work, student, new grad, DC transplant, returning to work after a hiatus, group practice associate or director. We can all learn from each other as we grow and adapt and think big!

Welcome to the new DCTherapistConnect!

All my best,